We Help Foreign Businesses Establish Local Presence.

Is your business ready for the next step forward? As today’s marketplace extends into the far-reaching corners of the world, the impact on businesses, large and small, has become more complex.  We provide the road maps and the relationships. We work with foreign investors in making a smooth transition to conducting business in California and the U.S. We assist businesses in structuring international transactions to minimize risk.

Our goal is to manage risk and identify opportunities for long-term success. Our experienced and culturally diverse team of lawyers and legal professionals offers strategic vision based on a comprehensive evaluation of your business, enabling you to do what you do most effectively. It is no longer necessary to conduct international business at arms lengths.  Through technology and our multi-cultural personnel, clients will have a local presence to reach customers and navigate legal systyem.

We help foreign companies do business within the U.S. either directly or through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and IP licensing.

Contact us to learn how we can help you make a successful transition into your next milestone or just review of your plans.