With more than 20 years of experience, Klein Law Group is made up of a team of skilled and committed attorneys dedicated to representing its clients in the most difficult moments of their lives. Using an innovative and solution-oriented approach, we vigorously provides the highest quality representation in all aspects of labor and employment law, including the following areas:

Wage-and-Hour Litigation

During the past ten years, the number of wage-and-hour lawsuits filed in federal and state courts has been consistently increasing. These lawsuits include employees’ claims for unpaid minimum wage, overtime compensation, premiums for missed or insufficient meal and rest breaks, reimbursement, sick leaves, unpaid vacations, split-shift premiums, “off-the-clock” hours, and other types of claims based on the California Labor Code and the Fair Standards Labor Act.

A substantial part of our wage-and-hour practice revolves around the issues of misclassification, including independent contractor, white color professionals.  We have successfully litigated a large number of disputes involving various industries:

  • Health Care Professional (care givers, personal attendants, physician assistants, dentists);
  • Restaurant Workers (waiters, bussers, kitchen staff, chefs);
  • Transportation (local delivery drivers, intrastate truck drivers, limousine drivers, shuttle drivers);
  • Computer Professionals (QA Engineers, IT specialists; software engineers);
  • Commission Employees (outside and inside salespersons);

Our employment attorneys regularly appear before federal and state agencies, including the U.S. Department of Labor, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement ( California Labor Commissioner’s Office), and Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (San Francisco Mayor’s Office).

Employment Discrimination

We have successfully represented employees and employers in employment discrimination cases. We appear in federal and state courts throughout California. Federal, state, and local laws provide workers with extensive protections against discrimination. It is unlawful for employers to take adverse employment actions against employees on the following grounds: 

  • race and national origin discrimination;
  • gender or pregnancy discrimination;
  • sexual harassment, sexual orientation discrimination, and hostile work environment;
  • age discrimination;
  • disability discrimination and failure to provide reasonable accommodations for a disability;
  • religious discrimination.

Employment Law Compliance and Counseling

Klein Law Group offers a wide range of employment-law-related services to employers. We help them structure hiring and terminating practices, overtime and wage payment practices, and drafting employment manuals.  We offer classes on avoiding harassment and provide advise on workforce reductions, employee discipline, trade secrets, compliance with leave of absence law,  accommodation of disabilities and compliance with employee privacy protections.