Our goal is to help businesses maintain competitive edges through strategic problem solving and minimizing exposure to risk.  We work as a team members with all our clients and offer professional straightforward advice within a business context for the following practice:

Forming a Business Entity (Avoiding Liability)

Different business forms provide different protections and risks to business owners/investors.  Personal liability means that you can be held responsible for business debts.  Personal property, including personal residences, can be at risk to satisfy business debts. We help to minimize risk that could threatened the economic well-being of you and your family.

We provide new businesses with on-going legal compliance to help maintain their corporation status that include holding annual shareholder, director and partner meetings, recording minutes and election of officers as well as providing practical tips to maintain corporate housekeeping.

Our services include: goal assessment, formulating business strategies, ongoing legal advice and guidance and  in multiple languages and updating on legal changes impacting your business.

Business Start-ups

  • Business Names and Trademark Protection;
  • Business Plans and Financing;
  • Licenses, Permits and Business Regulation;
  • Commercial Lease Negotiation;

Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Being a small firm, we can often provide a lower cost solution by practicing cost-effectiveness, Alternate Dispute Resolution and negotiation at all levels of litigation. However, we litigate all cases aggressively to obtain the best possible results.

Contract  Review and Drafting

We believe the best contracts are simple, easy to read, understandable and evolve with businesses as they grow.  As there is no business model that would work for all businesses, there is no model contract for all businesses. By working closely together and getting to know your business we can provide practical solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Examples of contracts we provide:

  • business buy-sell agreements;
  • shareholder agreements;
  • partnerships agreements;
  • non-disclosure agreements (NDAs);
  • employment contracts;
  • physician contracts;
  • stock option agreements;
  • settlement agreements;
  • commission agreements;
  • vendor-supplier agreements;
  • private placement memos;
  • letters of intent;
  • promissory notes;
  • powers of attorney;
  • software license agreements;
  • guaranties;
  • third beneficiary agreements;
  • loan agreements.