Employment Law

Klein Law Group offers a wide range of employment-law-related services to employers and employees.

Business Law

Our goal is to help businesses maintain competitive edges through strategic problem solving and minimizing exposure to risk.

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Over Twenty Five Years of Litigation Experience

Klein Law Group LLP has been serving and advising clients for over 25 years. We utilize cutting edge technology for office management, client communications and conducting comprehensive legal research. Our creative legal insights are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of any client. In every case, KLG strives to achieve clients’ short-term goals and face long-term challenges. We pride ourselves in keeping clients informed about their cases and educated about the law.  Through trust, integrity, and good judgment we work as a team believing the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Klein Law Group LLP’s attorneys have vast experience in representing diverse businesses. Our clients are based in San Francisco, the Bay Area, California and across the world.  We represent small and large businesses in a broad range of matters including business formation, regulatory compliance, daily business matters, and assets protection. In addition, Klein Law Group’s attorneys regularly defend our clients against lawsuits brought by consumers, employees and state agencies. Our representative client list includes the following industries:

    • Manufactures;
    • Food and Beverage Companies (restaurants, bars, nightclubs, etc);
    • Automotive Dealerships;
    • Buyers/Sellers;
    • Insurance Brokers and Agents;
    • Retailers/Wholesalers;
    • Contractors;
    • Healthcare Industry;
    • Startups;
    • Employers/Employees; and
    • Transportation Industry.
Our office has four billing options depending on the type of service needed:

  • Hourly Fees. The firm charges at an hourly rate for services where there are no minimum fees and each hour that is billed is in increments of one-tenth of an hour (6 minutes each)
  • Contingent Fee. Our clients do not pay any legal fee until the case is resolved and there is a financial recovery for the client.
  • Hybrid. A mix of contingent fee and hourly rate.
  • Retainer Agreements. We provide certain numbers of hours annually and semi-annually for a discounted hourly rate.